Here are two other sites owned by me.

This one is now being repopulated with musical and literary material of my choosing and/or creation.


5 BOOKS BY PAUL (only one published)

OUIJA NIGHTS - memoir, concerning spiritualistic happenings and things that went bump in my night.

MY TWO YEARS WITH GOD, or HOW I LOST MY VOCATION - memoir, concerning my two years in a Catholic boarding school.

COAN THE COOPER - the true story of my Great Grandfather, whom we knew as Frank Williams, Welsh farmer, but who turned out to be Sergeant Ira Coan of the 8th Regiment stationed in El Paso at the outbreak of the American Civil War. It is in three parts: 1 Life on the Erie Canal. 2 Out West. 3 Hands across the Pacific 

MY IMMORTAL SOUL - published; a sci-fi novel which I prefer to call speculative fiction. Too mad to describe, you would have to read it.

ANTONIA'S JOURNEY - A romantic novel concerning Antonia Newland who migrates to Australia in 1830 in order to marry Captain Marcus Oldham. Not quite a bodice-ripper but titillating nevertheless. Old Sydney comes alive here in a fascinating way.